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2018-03-23 Gewinner 2018 - 22. Internationales Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart

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22nd International Solo-Dance-Theater Festival Stuttgart

Young dancing talents at the TREFFPUNKT Rotebühlplatz – Seven happy prize winners!

342 applications, 18 solo pieces, 11 finalists and 7 prize winners – that is this year’s 22nd International Solo-Dance-Theater Festival in numbers. After four days of contem- porary dance in Stuttgart’s TREFFPUNKT Rotebühlplatz, the jury announced the prize winners on the night of Sunday 18th March after an exciting finale. This year’s central subject was the question of identity: who am I, where is my place in society, what is personality?

Bernhard Fauser, the jury’s spokesperson, explained: “We were impressed by the wide expressive power of the movements, techniques and the expressiveness that all the dancers used to present their subject matter. We had a constructive debate and were able to quickly come to an agreement, although we hail from different dance traditions.”

Here are the finalists:

Nicki Liszta (choreography) and Steven Chotard (performance) with "HUMANS ARE STRANGERS"

The choreography portrays a sarcastic and exaggerated view of the power structures arising from human’s relation to nature and the idea that there is a wild, free-roaming wolf within each of us.

Giulia Menti (choreography) and Francesca Bedin (performance) with "In dieser Frau"

A piece of female discovery; not clear and obvious, but discreet, deep and intimate.

Charles Brecard (choreography & performance) with "(no)Surrender"

This solo is based on the three states of matter: gas, liquid and solid. In a poetic way, the piece depicts a dark vision of a human being, facing his own decline but somehow too proud to change it.

Angel Duran Muntada (choreography & performance) with "The Beauty of it"

A person is a compromise between society’s demands on him and how he, himself wishes to be or appear. “Nobody can say where the real man ends. That is the beauty of it.“ (Carl Jung)

Lukas Karvelis (choreography & performance) with "Blank spots"

This solo is a new beginning. Lukas Karvelis wants to fill the empty and blank pages in his life, the “blank spots”, with positive stories.

Roberta Ferrara (choreography) and Tonia Laterza (performance) with "EQUAL TO MEN"

A debate with the subject “strong women” that want to defend their independence

Kévin Coquelard (choreography & performance) with "Le Somnanbule"

This solo takes place in the head of a man who is lost inside his mind. The dancer acts out a metaphorical monologue by the self on how it deals with the flood of information coming from the unconscious.

Rima Pipoyan (choreography & performance) with "Woman before decision making"

The piece deals with women’s thoughts which can do incredible things.

Here are the prize winners: 1st Choreography Prize:

Angel Duran Muntada (Spain) with "The Beauty of it"

Jury statement: “A piece full of precise and well-constructed will. Video, text, music and movement all correspond to the idea and the concept. The mode of expression reflects the content of the piece.”

2nd Choreography Prize:

Lukas Karvelis (Lithuania) with "Blank spots"

Jury statement: “Lukas Karvelis presented the duality of a personality with a courageous con- cept, and went through a transformation in his choreography. He developed and used innovative movements as he put his background into different contexts. He captivated the audience by embodying different personalities.”

3rd Choreography Prize:

Roberta Ferrara (Italy) with "EQUAL TO MEN"

Jury statement: “One could feel the dynamic between choreographer and dancer. The move- ment construction is clever. She used the whole space by using small and big movements.

Her musicality is great. Roberta Ferrara illustrated the virility of the Amazonias.”

1st Dance Prize:

Francesca Bedin (Italy) with "In dieser Frau"

Jury statement: “A natural born dancer with a very strong stage presence! Francesca Bedin presented her vast quality and wide range of movements in a very natural way. She is very authentic and has a clear focus. She invites us on her journey.”

2nd Dance Prize:

Kévin Coquelard (France) with "Le Somnanbule"

Jury statement: “He has the ability to express himself in a personal and honest way. He shows a diversity of techniques that he does not use to show off. He transforms impulses into move- ments which are unpredictable. He surprises himself as well as the audience.”

3rd Dance Prize:

Tonia Laterza (Italy) with "EQUAL TO MEN"

Jury statement: “She wins us over with her incredible commitment to the piece and shows a multitude of facets. We enjoyed her stamina and ability to switch between small and big movements. Tonia Laterza was strong in details, had an enormous stage presence and a grounded personality.”

The audience’s favorite from the preliminary rounds was Abdoulaye Diallo’s (Senegal) piece “environ et moi”. He picked an ecological, politically explosive subject – not only for his na- tive country but also for the world: waste (avoidance). He won the Public’s First Choice Prize which is sponsored by Nicole Weyandt and Michael Deiml.

Kévin Coquelard’s (France) “Le Somnanbule” won the Public's Final Choice Prize spon- sored by Christine Gugel.

The Videodance Prize, sponsored by Jean Christophe Blavier and Birgit Baumgärtner of Stuttgart-based moving-angel film production, went to Lukas Karvelis (Lithuania) for his solo “Blank spots”.

Justification: “Lukas Karvelis surprised us with his artistic concept and his technical perfor- mance as a dancer. Costume, props, dancing technique and acrobatics provided some real unexpected moments. The wow effect was present from the beginning to the end. Lukas Karvelis is courageous, strong in expression, musicality, sensuality, elegance, theatricals and just incredibly open.”

Ricardo Fernando, director of ballet and chief choreographer at the Theater Augsburg, chose

Roberta Ferrara (Italy) for the Residence Prize.

Francecsca Bedin (Italy) won the Eastman Prize Stuttgart, that is a newly awarded for the first time this year. This enables her to participate in the „Eastman Summer Intensive 2018“ which is a two-week workshop in Antwerp. The prize has been awarded by the Eastman Company, whose artistic director is Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. The jury’s members were the follow- ing: Guy Pauwels (Eastman Summer Intensive coordinator), Damien Fournier (Eastman dancer and mentor Eastman Summer Intensive) and Jonas Schildermans (Artistic assistant at Eastman)

Jury statement: “Some words on why we chose Francesca Bedin’s solo: She touches on a very important topic, with great respect for humanity and the human body. We feel in her solo a striving for equality between woman and men, an objective that we wholeheartedly support.”

Members of this year’s jury were:

Bernhard Fauser Artistic director HebelHalle, Künstlerhaus Unterwegs-Theater, managing director Choreographisches Centrum Heidelberg

Ricardo Fernando Director of ballet and chief choreographer, Theater Augsburg

Diana Fontes Founder and artistic director of „Encontro de Dança Contemporânea“ in Natal, Brazil

Toula Limnaios Artistic director and choreographer, cie. toula limnaios

Josh Martin Artistic Co-Director of the Vancouver-based “Company 605”, performer and choreographer

The prizes in summary:

Choreography (Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg): 1st prize 3,500 Euro

2nd prize 2,500 Euro 3rd prize 1,500 Euro

Dance (Stadt Stuttgart) 1st prize 3,500 Euro

2nd prize 2,500 Euro 3rd prize 1,500 Euro

Videodance Prize (moving-angel film production)

Public’s Choice

Public’s First Choice Prize: 500 Euro (Nicole Weyandt and Michael Deiml) Public’s Final Choice Prize: 500 Euro (Christine Gugel)

Residency Price (Theater Augsburg)

Eastman Prize Stuttgart

This year’s winners will be performing at the Winners’ Gala at TREFFPUNKT Rotebühlplatz, Stuttgart, Germany on November 16th and 17th 2018.

further dates:

18 Nov 2018 – Heidelberg
19 Nov 2018 – Karlsruhe
21 Nov 2018 – Augsburg
22 Nov 2018 - Lindau
23 & 24 Nov 2018 – Regensburg
25 Nov 2018 – München
26 Nov 2018 - Ulm

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